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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

we are the cicadas

This is my response to a surge in world readers on my big pinky blog.

See, when [they] set all of us up into identity camps to divide us, they created leaders for the sheep to follow. You know, like how Gaga and Kathy talked about their gays. The flocks follow the rousting call to flock. This is the same for all identity camps, like political, race, religion, academic, you name it, there is an identity camp for it.

But what they didn't plan for were the autists. We are the wild card.

For years I was very minor on the world stage. My thoughts, ideas, questions, conclusions- yeah, they got around, but it was more from the point of view of autist eccentricity (and honesty) than anything, and the people who found me were like me, feeling similarly and haunting the webs in the dark looking for anyone else like them.

We are everywhere now. We have been emerging on the internet all over the world like cicadas, saying exactly what we think and how we feel and asking the hard questions about why is the world like it is AND FINDING THE ANSWERS.

We are the anomalies, the brains people think are broken, the observers who get it, who get the illusion and the scam going on all around us because we can see the world trapped in a glass darkly, and we walk in the light touching others to wake them up.

We are the digital army.

We came back for this.

Back for you.

Rise with us and stand up to the technocratic new world order that seeks to force us into transhumanism and population control and social engineering. We can still be who we want to be without them telling us how to be that. They are not the boss of us. We can be all these things and still be kind and loving and forgiving people. We can make their hate mongering and fear porn and learned helplessness stop flooding our screens, and we can change our world just by stepping past them, their rhetoric, their world narrative, their agendas for us.

We can be Ourselves.

Metaphorically and physically, some of us are fighting very real battles for our lives and our souls, and for each other's lives and souls. [They] see us as the enemy because we disrupt their grand plans for the entire world to go into one last permanent lockdown with no more freedom to do anything without their permission, and their goal to weed out all who won't obey what they dictate to us to do and believe.

Metaphorically, I have always thrived on the challenge. I was born to be awake.

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