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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

sans sprinkles

~20 days later~

I'm doing it! I kept the law! I don't have to go to jail! 😃

I haven't had any more ice cream at all this month. Funny how laws work in my mind. The coffee I did really well with, but after about a week I super stressed and started hitting another half cup, and now I'm back to two. The 2 servings of veg per day has been a joke. I'm too tired to even make a salad, it's all in the fridge getting gross. I did manage to get some servings sprinkled around over the last 20 days, but honestly, I'm doing worse than usual with veg.

The severe fibro flare continues. My rib cage (costochondritis) is so bad that I'm now officially dx'd shortness of breath by pulmonologist. No asthma, no COPD, just literally unable to spread my ribcage enough to max to full lung volume, and no control forcing it out since my entire rib cage is a giant charley horse.

I've gone through some dandy flare ups but this summer is taking the cake.

I decided not to let that stop me. I'm at least able to pull 67%-80% breathing function on a standard PFT in allergist's office depending on which allergy season we're in, and I know kids with CF handle a lot lower than that, so as long as my O2 is in the 90 percents, I'm ok.

Massage kinda helped for a very short while, but I think going for rigorous deep tissue might've been a mistake. I may go for lighter next time. Trying to force muscles to respond and comply can backfire, and it sure did this last time, felt kind fluish for a few days. I'm too tired to handle more of that. I just need a half hour of someone being nice to my back this week, give my shoulder blade a nice Thinking of You card and maybe say howdy to the ribs and chat a little bit about whatever.

Other than some other very stiff joints that I have to warm up and stretch a little every day, I seem to be in good shape. I'm keeping up really well with the major parts of the housework, picking kiddo up from school, kinda getting supper fairly regularly.

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