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Monday, February 17, 2020

well, ~mostly~ staying out of trouble

I get to assess back into physical therapy Wednesday, thank goodness. I got a rough headache up the left side since the cortisone shot and it's not in a hurry to fade back out. Among other things.

I'm feeling de-synced. A little off the rail or something. Not lined up. Kinda like I'm a bit bumped off a rhythm. The world rhythm? I'm ignoring everything and everyone. A rogue Borg, perhaps.

Goals still on track, though. Taper smoothed back out. Calorie reduction holding. Sleep scores still rising. Staying out of trouble.

Dug hard into the server over the weekend, like the old days. Finishing stalled out renovation on my player shop. Got my horses all tamed and named, novelty horses inventoried. May start selling pets in my shop if I keep this up. Tightened up my storage and backstock. Mined my brains out.

Thought some more about our world under hostage. What it might be like living here if that had never happened. How perverted and inside out it is to put the words "beautifully tragic" together, yet that is humanity as we are. An art form. Not sure how I feel yet about being someone else's 'art'. If I'm coming to understand being and true reality correctly, my own words may become that distinctive conclusion on what was happening here being worth continuing to uphold as an art history. If, after all, we all create and are all part of each other as a whole being, then becoming a part of this art as separate brushstrokes adding to an overall picture for a Mind to step back and ponder... is justified? Justifiable? Is art worth this amount of pain and suffering? The art of living, as it were.

The timeless question. How far is too far? When is it time to stop the experimentation and call it done? That seems to be my job in all this, defining how ugly is ugly, and what is no longer art.

They know what I'm saying. And if they know that, then they know who I am.

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